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Welcome to the Hawai`i Judiciary’s Electronic Filing and Service System (JEFS). JEFS allows eligible and registered attorneys and eligible and registered unrepresented parties to electronically file documents for all cases in 1) the Hawai`i Intermediate Court of Appeals, for all cases in the Hawai`i Supreme Court; 2) for criminal cases in Hawai`i District / Circuit / Family (Adult) Courts; and 3) for civil cases in Hawai`i District / Circuit / Family Courts, Land Court and Tax Appeal Court. Other courts and case types will be added to JEFS as they are brought into the Judiciary Information Management System.

Use of JEFS is for official court business only. Activity to and from this site is monitored. Documents filed through JEFS are subject to the requirements of the Hawai`i Electronic Filing and Service Rules, the Hawai`i Court Records Rules, and the rules that govern court proceedings, including formatting, service of process, and sanction rules. Please comply with Rule 9 of the Hawai`i Court Records Rules which governs submission of personal information and account numbers. Improper use of the Judiciary Electronic Filing and Service System to gain access to confidential records or records filed under seal or in-camera may subject the user to sanctions.

Online payments for filing fees are processed by the NIC Hawaii. Efilers who wish to pay on-line are assessed a small non-refundable processing fee by NIC Hawaii. Efilers are given an option to pay in person or by mail.

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