Judiciary Internet
Judiciary Information Management System

eReminder is a notification system provided by the Hawai`i State Judiciary. It is a courtesy notification and it is not an official notice of hearing.

By using this service, you acknowledge that:
  • You are responsible for appearing in your court case on the scheduled court hearing date.
  • Your failure to receive this courtesy electronic reminder, for any reason, does not excuse you from missing your scheduled court date.
  • Your subscription to this service is strictly voluntary.
  • You may turn this service on or off at any time by managing your subscription or by contacting the court.
  • You have a valid email address or mobile phone number to receive court hearing electronic reminders, and understand that standard text messaging rates may apply through your service provider.
  • The email address or mobile phone number you provide will be part of the subscription record. This information will be used solely for the purposes of the notifications and will be kept confidential to the extent permissible by law.
  • Certain cases may not be available for electronic reminders due to the confidential status of the case.
  • The Hawai`i State Judiciary reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion, to refuse to include on the service or remove from the service any user as the Hawai`i State Judiciary deems necessary without cause.
By subscribing to this service, you agree to the terms of this service, as specified above, and consent to the notifications.

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